Almost all business websites are trying to influence visitors to buy a product, sign up for a newsletter, make a donation, join a group or fill out a form. The website's success depends upon whether enough people decide to take that hoped-for action or convert. Web Design has a substantial impact upon the conversion rate.

There are many factors that contribute to a website's success including SEO and social media. They are important, but the necessity of having an excellent web design is often overlooked. The Web Design is the foundation of the website. No matter how beautiful it may be, the website won't convert as it should if there's a critical design problem. This is one reason that cookie-cutter website templates don't always work as anticipated. Not everyone who builds a website understands marketing principles and how to apply them when designing a website.

The Credibility of a Business Website is Critical

Stanford University researched how website visitors decided whether or not a business was credible. Very few people will buy a product, sign up or take any other action with a business that they don't trust. design company was the top criteria used by visitors in deciding a website's credibility. A website must look professional.

Limit the Number of Choices

Over and over again, marketing research has shown that sales increase when the number of choices decreases. One well-known study compared the results of consumers who were presented with either 24 jam varieties or 6 jam varieties. There were 10 times as many sales from consumers who only had 6 options to choose from.

How does that impact web design?

Keep the design uncluttered. Clean and simple works best.
Navigation should be easy and intuitive. Website visitors expect to be able to navigate your website as easily as other websites.
The landing page shouldn't immediately present a visitor with multiple choices. Have only one call to action and have it prominently displayed on the page.

Test, Test and Test Again

The simplest thing can have a dramatic effect on conversions. The Rule of Thirds, for example, visually divides a webpage with 2 horizontal and 2 vertical lines into 9 equal segments. The four intersections where the lines cross can be great spots to place a call to action button.

Test everything, including:

Which type of call to action button would work best - a picture of a shopping cart, a button that says "Cart" or a button that says "Add to Cart"
Whether or not text should accompany the button and what should it say
Which images are most effective
The effect of videos on conversions - people love videos, but too many videos slow down loading speed and increase the number of people who abandon the website

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